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Government, vide G.O.Ms.No.16 dt.25.02.2016 & G.O.Ms.No.103, dt.12.7.2016 of A&C(H&S) Dept., has issued orders for establishment of “Telangana State Horticulture Development Corporation Limited” to promote procurement, storage, processing and marketing of good quality Horticulture Crops and their products and also to facilitate implementation of water saving technologies like Micro Irrigation, Modern Machinery etc. Govt. has also accorded permission for Registration of Telangana State Horticulture Development Corporation Limited under the companies Act, 2013. Accordingly, registration has been completed on 15.07.2016 with Registration No.110936.


  • The Horticulture Corporation shall aim to enhance the overall income of the farmers by intervening in promoting Agriculture & Horticulture processing of fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices at various levels of crop production and processing.

  • The Corporation shall promote the availability of clean and safer (un-adulterated) food products like chilli powder, turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste, etc., directly to the people for their daily consumption.

  • The Corporation shall work in consultation and in coordination with Department of Horticulture, Agriculture, MGNREGS, RKVY, MIDH, Marketing, MARKFED and other related and relevant Government projects.

  • The Horticulture Corporation shall take up the Post-Harvest Interventions viz., Cold Chain System and procurement, Pre-cooling chambers, Pack Houses, Cold storage centers and total Supply Chain Management from the farmer to the final consumer.

  • The Corporation shall aim at adopting latest mechanization technology in Harvesting and Post Harvesting interventions. The corporation shall explore the possibilities of collaborating with private industries and existing food parks in PPP mode.

  • The corporation shall aim at export of the Vegetables, Fruits etc., to neighbouring States and other countries.
    The Corporation shall take up the marketing of all Horticulture crops of farmers.

  • The Corporation shall also promote Agri/Horticulture produce by taking up value addition activities such as Grading, Processing, Packing, Marketing of the finished commodities particularly by establishing a special brand of its own.

  • The corporation shall do the marketing of the food products under the brand name of “Kakateeya Foods
    The Corporation shall organize and promote farmers producer organization to strengthen the Pre-harvesting and post harvesting interventions.

  • The Horticulture Corporation shall promote its own outlets in towns and cities so that the high quality Agri. Products such as vegetables and fruits are available at the door steps of the urban and semi urban population.

Board of Directors of TSHDCL

1. Sri. C. ParthaSarathi Chairman & Director
2. Sri. L. Venkatram Reddy Vice Chairman & Managing Director
3. Sri. Rahul Bojja Director
4. Sri. K. Ravinder Reddy Director
5. Smt. G. Laxmi Bai Director
6. Sri. Surender Director
7. Smt. J. Shailaja Director
8. Sri. Nagpal C Lohakare Director













Activities Taken So Far

  • Implementation of Micro Irrigation Project with NABARD Assistance.

  • Establishment of Spice Processing Unit.

  • Promotion of Telangana Mangoes.

  • Modifications and upgradation of the Integrated Pack House facility available at SKLTSHU.

  • Conduct of trainings/seminars/work shops/awareness programs.

Implementation of Micro Irrigation Project with NABARD Assistance

  • NABARD has sanctioned a term loan of Rs.874.00 crores under NIDA for implementation of Micro Irrigation Project in the State with approved project cost of Rs.1092.00 crores to cover an area of 1,26,000 ha. during 2016-17 & 2017-18. Further NABARD has accorded permission for extension of the project for 2018-19 also and coverage of addl. area of 13,000 ha.

  • Govt. vide G.O.Rt.No.6, dt:03.01.2017 of A&C (H&S) Dept. has accorded permission to borrow the loan from NABARD and given guarantee for repayment of loan covering principle and interest with budgetary support till the period of total outstanding loan along with interest is cleared, accordingly MoU has been entered with NABARD.

  • The project was implemented by making functional arrangement with TSMIP and implemented the project as per the TSMIP guidelines in vogue.

  • The project has been successfully completed as per the time lines indicated by the NABARD i.e. physical completion of the project by 30.09.2018 and disbursement of loan by 31.03.2019.

  • The total loan amount of Rs.874.00 crores was utilised along with state matching share of Rs.126.00 crores and covered an area of 1,50,462.10 Ha. covering 1,37,427 No. of farmers.

  • Out of the total area covered, an extent of 106845 ha. (90371 No of farmers) was covered under Drip Irrigation and 43550.17 ha.(46984 No of farmers) was covered under Sprinklers.

  • The KFW, German Team who have funded to NABARD has inspected the implementation of the project and appreciated the way the project has been prepared, structured, documented and commitment of the officials for implementing such a large scale project across the state.

  • The transparency and accountability systems adopted in implementation of the project was also appreciated by GOI.

  • NABCONS the subsidiary unit of NABARD who was entrusted with 3rd party verification and impact assessment of the MIP project has submitted the report stating that the project has made great impact on increase of yield (52%) and income of the farmers (53%) besides saving of water, power, labour, fertilizers etc. equivalent to Rs.9455.4 cr.

  • Further, an amount of Rs.199.90 Crores was received from TSMIP for implementation of PMKSY-PDMC-Micro irrigation during 2018-19 through TSHDCL.

  • Based on the completed installations and approved proceedings received from the districts, so far an amount of Rs.160.46 cr. was released covering 28579.77 Ha. pertaining to 27419 farmers.


Establishment of Spice Processing Unit

  • To step forward towards envisaged objectives a decision was taken to establish Spice Processing Unit for production and supply of unadulterated quality spice products like Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Ginger-Garlic Paste etc. as the state is surplus in production of Turmeric and Chilies.

  • Entered agreement with CFTRI, Mysore for providing technical consultancy in establishment of the Unit right from preparation of DPR to commercial production including transfer of technology, trainings and quality control and hand holding support etc.

  • Govt. has allotted Ac.16.56 acres of land in Survey No.171 of Government seed farm Dhulapally village, Dundigal Gandimaisamma Mandal of Medchal District for establishing Spice Processing Unit vide G.O. Rt.371 of A&C Dept., Dt.07.06.2018.

  • CFTRI has given Final Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Rs.26.38 crores for production and supply of Chilli powder, Turmeric powder, Ginger Garlic Paste, Tamarind Powder, Tamarind Paste and Coriander Powder etc. with an annual capacity of 2260 MTs. Product wise details as follows:

S.No. Products Kg/day Working Days Mt/annum
1 Turmeric powder 2600 250 650
2 Chilli powder 2600 250 650
3 Ginger paste 800 80 64
4 Garlic paste 800 80 64
5 Ginger-garlic paste 800 80 64
6 Tamarind paste 600 80 48
7 Tamarind powder 1000 200 200
8 Coriander powder 2600 200 520
  Grand Total 11800   2260



  • Govt. has nominated the Director of Horticulture, Telangana state, Hyderabad as Nodal department / agency for implementation of Agriculture Export Policy in Telangana State with an aim to enhance and facilitate the Agri exports through Exporters, FPOs and Farmers thereby providing remunerative price to farming community.

  • Further, a state level monitoring committee under chairmanship of Chief Secretary was constituted to monitor and oversee the implementation of AEP in the State and 13 potential District Collectors nominated as crop cluster nodal officers for implementation of AEP at District level in the 1st phase vide ref.3rd cited.

  • Since the Govt. of Telangana has designated the Department of Horticulture as the Nodal Dept. for implementation of AEP, there is a need to develop sufficient infrastructure for export and also to form FPOs in the state.

  • In TSHDCL, one of the objective is “Organization and promotion of farmers producer organization to strengthen the Pre-harvesting and post harvesting interventions”.

  • By considering the importance of FPOs and AEP for facilitating collective procurement and marketing through business plan and it is proposed to encourage and facilitate the farmers for the formation of 180 crop specific FPOs i.e., Mango(60), Chillies (60) and Turmeric (60) in 13 potential districts considering the surplus production in the state

  • Further Mango farmers are being registered in the Hortinet (APEDA website) to facilitate marketing linkage between farmers and exporters.

  • Training/ sensitization programmes to farmers & field functionaries are being organised for formation of FPOs on pre and postharvest interventions like registration procedures, dissemination of package of practices, implementation of GAP, traceability, disease surveillance, processing and value addition, export standards and market linkages etc.

Promotion of Telangana Mangoes

  • Popularized Baneshan and Himayath Varieties of Mangoes of Kollapur and Jagithyal regions by conduct of sale counters at Telangana Bhavan, New Delhi during May, 2017.

  • Mangoes were procured from the farmers directly and paid premium price i.e. 25% higher than the market price.

  • Mangoes were minimally processed, ripened in ripening chambers (Carbide free) and sent to New Delhi.

  • About 14.37 Mts mangoes were sold and established the brand image to Telangana Mangoes.

  • Participated in Mango Buyer seller meet organized by APEDA at Mumbai and displayed potential varieties i.e. Baneshan and Hiamyath varieties to popularize and explore the possibilities to export the Telangana Mangoes.

Modifications and upgradation of the Integrated Pack
House facility available at SKLTSHU

  • Presently, integrated pack house is not available in the state for export of fresh produce of Horticulture crops and exporters are depending on Bangalore and Mumbai for exporting fruits and Vegetables etc.

  • One integrated pack house is available at SKLTSHU for academic use which is near to International Airport.

  • To facilitate the exports from the state especially Mangoes and Vegetables, it is proposed to modify and upgrade the existing facility for commercial use.

  • During high level meeting convened on 31.12.2018 by the Hon’ble CM on agricultural and allied sectors, discussions were taken place on promotion of export of Horticulture crops, existing facilities, gaps and required support from Govt.

  • After detailed discussions, the Hon’ble CM has directed to prepare plan of action for establishment / modification of Integrated Pack houses for encouraging export of horticulture produce from the State including add on facilities like vapour heat treatment and hot water treatment plant.

  • Accordingly, Detailed Project Report for modifications & upgradation of existing pack house facility of SKLTSHU was got prepared with a project cost of Rs.7.50 cr.

  • Further proposals were submitted to Govt. to accord approval and allocation of Budget for the same and orders are awaited.





















































































































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