Bee Keeping and Honey Mission,
Telangana State


Considering the importance of beekeeping in India and to achieve the goal of “Sweet Revolution, the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Govt. of India has approved a Central Sector Scheme viz.,“National Beekeeping and Honey Mission (NBHM)” for overall promotion & development of scientific beekeeping and production of quality honey & other beehive products. The scheme will be implemented through National Bee Board as a Central Sector Scheme (100% funded by Central Govt.).

 NBHM has been approved for Rs. 500.00 Crores allotted under Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Announcement for 3 years (2020-21 to 2022-23) for overall promotion and development of scientific beekeeping in the country. The scheme will be implemented through National Bee Board.

Pattern of Assistance

1.  50% in case of individual beneficiaries/ Societies/ Firms / Companies.

2.  75% in case of institutional framework, including Self Help Groups (SHGs)/ Joint Liability Groups (JLGs)/ Farmers/ Beekeepers Interested Groups (FIGs)/ Co-operatives/ FPOs/ FPCs/ Member Beekeepers’ Federations (MBFs) of NBB/ MBFs registered with NBB, etc.; and

3.  100% for National/ State level Governmental Organizations, including NBB, ICAR, State Agricultural Universities (SAUs)/ Central Agricultural Universities (CAUs), etc

4. For Capacity Building Programmes, including trainings, seminars, skill development for farmers/ beekeepers, officials, etc., the pattern of funding/ subsidy be 100% for all the implementing agencies.

 Objectives of NBHM

a)   Promoting holistic growth of beekeeping industry for income & employment generation, and to enhance agriculture/ horticulture production.

b)   Developing additional infrastructural facilities for developing quality nucleus stock of honeybees, multiplication of stock by bee breeders, setting up of disease diagnostic labs, Integrated Beekeeping Development Centres (IBDCs)/ Centres of Excellence (CoEs) on Beekeeping, beekeeping equipment manufacturing units, etc. and postharvest and marketing infrastructures, including honey processing plants, storages/ cold storages, collection, branding, marketing, etc. centre, etc.

c)   Setting up of State of the Art Quality Control Labs for testing of honey & other beehive products d. To develop blockchain/ traceability system for traceability of source of honey & other beehive products and using IT tools in beekeeping, including online registration, etc.

d)   To develop and facilitate Honey Corridors in potential areas.

e)   To promote agri- entrepreneurs & agri- startup for their involvement in beekeeping/ Honey production.

f)     To promote trade- agreements between beekeepers & traders/ honey processors/ exporters,.

g)   To promote, develop and disseminate latest and State of the Art Technologies and skill development in beekeeping industry for production of honey & other high value beehive products; i.e., Empowerment of Women through Beekeeping;

h)   To maximize, economic, ecological and social benefits by diversification through beekeeping by production of higher quantity and good quality of honey and other high value beehive products, viz.; bee wax, bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly, comb honey, bee venom, etc. for domestic and export market.

i)     To strengthen beekeepers by developing institutional framework through collective approach viz.; formation of SHGs/ FPOs/ Beekeepers Cooperatives/ Federations, etc.

 Under NBHM main thrust is given for production & productivity improvement of various crops through promotion/ development/ extension/ adoption of scientific beekeeping, developing infrastructural facilities, R&D in beekeeping, etc. under three Mini Missions (MM-I, MM-II & MM-Ill).

Ø Mini-Mission-I: Thrust will be given on production & productivity improvement of various crops through pollination assisted by adoption of scientific beekeeping.

Ø Mini-Mission-II : Post harvest management of beekeeping/ beehive products including collection, processing, storage, marketing, value addition, etc. with a thrust to develop requisite infrastructural facilities for these activities.

Ø Mini-Mission-III: This Mission will concentrate on Research & Technology generation for different Regions/ States/ Agro-Climatic and Socio-Economic conditions.

 For implementation of National Beekeeping and Honey Mission (NBHM) scheme at State level, the State Govt., vide GO Rt No. 201, dt.09.04.2021 of A&C (Hort. & Seri.) Dept has nominated the Horticulture Department as the State Level Implementing Agency and the Director of Horticulture as Nodal Officer for implementation, monitoring and supervision of programmes of NBHM in Telangana State.

 The State Level Steering Committee (SLSC) and District Level Committee (DLC) were constituted by the State Govt., vide GO Rt No. 258, dt.20.05.2021 of A&C (Hort. & Seri.) Dept duly indicating the functions of the DLC for implementation, monitoring and supervision of programmes of NBHM.

DAC&FW initiatives to promote Beekeeping

  • Pollination Support through Beekeeping a component under Horticulture Mission /MIDH National .

  • National Bee Board (2006/2008) reconstituted under DAC&FW.

  • Promoting scientific beekeeping through bee pollination in crops.

  • Enhancing the income of farmers and beekeepers from yield improvement honey production &

  • Integration of schemes of beekeeping & crop production (NHM, HMNEH, NFSM, NMOOP, PKVY, RKVY)

Traceability of Source of Honey and Other Hive Products

An initiative to leverage high quality Honey Production meeting international standards. All Beekeepers and Entrepreneurs dealing in honey production, processing, packaging, marketing and exporting are requested to register on the madhukranti portal and provide authentic business related information for achieving the objective set by the National Bee Board under the NBH Mission.









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