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In the state of Telangana vegetables are cultivated in an area of 1.63 Lakh Ha. with a production of 27.08 Lakh MTs and a productivity of 16.5 MTs per Ha., which is very less as compared to the productivity levels in Tamilnadu which is about 30 MTs per Ha.

There is a felt need to encourage protected cultivation of vegetables to achieve the maximum productivity levels to meet the demand supply situation and also to provide maximum returns to the farmers. Standardization of packages of practices of specific crops and developing low cost technology to encourage farmers to take up Poly- Houses even in limited area needs immediate attention.

Further, flower crops are cultivated in only 0.09 lakh ha in the state. With their vast potential in local and export markets flower cultivation need to be encouraged in the state.

Hon’ble CM has announced the scheme for construction of Green Houses in 1000 Acres every year.Facilities for demonstration of the proven technologies are not available in the State.Hence, to address the above issues a CoE for Vegetables & flowers was proposed in Jeedimetla village of Rangareddy District. It is the 1st of its kind in the Telangana state. The CoE is sanctioned by GoI during 2014-15 and works are under progress. The main objectives are

  • Infrastructure development for demonstration and trainings to the farmers.

  • Standardization of technologies suitable to Telangana State.

  • Timely supply of quality vegetable seedlings for enhanced production.

  • To plan accurate crop scheduling and promote multiple crops per season per unit area.

 Location                   :           Jeedimetla, Rangareddy Dist.,

Area                           :           10.35 acres

Approved Outlay      :           Rs.920.00 Lakhs.( approval of GoI Dt.11.09.2014)

Works Approved:

S. NO.


Unit Size (Sqm)

Total No. of Units

Area (Sqm.)

Crop Proposed

A.     Protected Cultivation Structures


Greenhouse with fan and pad




Production of Seedlings


Naturally Ventilated Poly House (NVPH)




Tomato, Bell Paper, Cucumber


Walk-In Tunnels




Brinjal, Tomato, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Capsicum, Gerbera , carnation


Poly Net House




Brinjal, Tomato, Chillies, Capsicum


Net House




Leafy Vegetables


Naturally Ventilated Poly House




Gerbera, Carnation, Roses, Lilium, Chrysanthemum







B. Civil Structures

Administrative Block, training facility with hostel, Pack houses, Cold storage unit, Sale outlet, security room, canteen, compound wall, entrance arch, internal roads and pathways and Central lighting system with solar power.


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(with Indo-Israel collaboration)

Telangana State with an area of  8.196 Lakh Ha under horticulture crops is endowed with congenial climatic conditions for growing a wide variety of crops.

Mango: An area of 3.79 Lakh Ha under fruit crops, out of which an area of 1.96 Lakh Ha. i.e., 52% is covered with Mango crop. The productivity of mango is very less i.e., only 9 MTs/ Ha, whereas Uttar Pradesh has a productivity of 16.4 MTs / Ha.,

Standardisation of Package of practices for Ultra high density plantation in Mango.Variety - wise protocols  for  long  distance  shipment  of  Mangoes to  promote  the  exports are the need of the hour.

Sweet Orange: covering an area of 1.31 Lakh Ha. i.e. 34% of fruit crops is under sweet orange it is another major fruit crop in the region. This crop is also facing lot of problems and the existing varieties are not suitable for processing.

Studies on suitable species of citrus fruits with specific reference to processing for promoting cultivation in Telangana state as the existing species develop bitterness over storage is one of the main concerns.

Other varieties like Pomegranate, Guava , Custard apple, ber etc., also need to be promoted in the state in view of their export potential.

To address the above issues the Government of Telangana proposes to establish a Centre of Excellence for Fruits under Indo-Israel Project, in an area of 50 acres incorporating all the aspects of fruit cultivation right from planting to harvest of fruits & Post Harvest Management. Main objectives are;

1.    To introduce new technologies for enhancing the productivity levels in fruit crops.

2.    To introduce new varieties which are suitable for export and processing.

3.   Production of quality plant material of Mango, Citrus and Pomegranate to facilitate timely supply to the farmers and government priority programmes such as harithahaaram

Activities proposed:  

      1.    Nursery for production of Plant Material  includes Hi tech Poly house (8000 Sq.m), Shadenet house (12000 Sq.M), Insect net house (4000 Sq.M).

 2.    Demonstration on improved production practices in open fields (10 Ha such as high density, ultra high density and meadow plantations, standardization of fertigation schedules for fruit plants, with latest technologies such as mulching, staking, pruning methodology etc.,

 3.    Plant health clinic, leaf & tissue analysis lab,Post Harvest Infrastructure viz., pack house with functional infrastructure for fruits, pre-cooling and cold storage unit, ripening chamber, refrigerated transport vehicle.

 4.    Civil Structures:  Administrative building , training hall, hostel, staff room with all amenities, workshop, entrance arch, fencing, roads and pathways, Solar powered pumpsets and street lighting.

Status :DPR prepared after discussions with Counselor, Embassy of Israel and submitted to Govt. of India for approval.

         Proposed Outlay  : Rs. 18.00 Crores. ( Phase I – Rs.10 Crores & Phase II –
Rs. 8 crores)


























































































































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